Open Wide and Don't Say 'Ah'

July 24, 2012

Last Thursday, Trish and Sigalle split the entire company into two teams.  Each team had to stand in a single file line for the game. One person from each team came up and competed against a person in the other team.We would then present a topic that required each person to go back and forth and state a word or phrase within that topic until one person could not name anything. There was no repeating of words allowed. In addition, any person that stated "um", "like", or "ah", also immediately lost.

We had topics related to such as course titles and presenters as well as random topics such as Disney movies and snacks in our office.  The game was made to get everyone awake and excited for the day. It also tested everyone's Lawline knowledge and quick thinking.  It was fun to see the competition rise and how knowledgeable everyone was!


Author Bio

Written by Ambassador Ann

Our Office Ambassador, Ann, has been at Lawline for 7 years. When she was hired, we told her that the most important part of the position would be to make people happy. She hasn’t let us down from then on. It’s with pride she makes sure the culture stays strong, everyone has what they need, and everything is working smoothly. Ann has said working at Lawline has been life-changing, for the better. Outside the office, she enjoys spontaneous trips, video games, and spoiling her two cats, Bishop and Lady Iris.


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