Perception Creates Reality

Ambassador Ann | July 5, 2012

Last Friday morning presentation, Brandon demonstrated through two different parts of how things aren’t always how they seem. In the first half of the presentation, Brandon discussed a new watch company whose whole purpose is to remind people time is relative and to take time to in the moment. The watch company, Time Peace promotes that, “The primary function of this Time-Peace is not to tell you the clock time, but to remind you to be present in the only moment that ever exists - NOW.” This message is used to remind us to live in the moment and don’t forget about the present since it will soon be in the past.

The second half of the presentation focuses on perception of what is being sold. In the presentation, Brandon attempted to sell everyone a power drill. He spoke about all of the features and benefits of owning the drill. Then, he gave a demonstration of its drilling capabilities by drilling a hole into a box. After the demo was completed, it was shown that what was sold wasn’t a drill, but rather a hole. Throughout history, people have evolved the way things are created, in the end; the result is still the same, a hole. Our goal is to FIND A BETTER WAY to improve the hole and make the journey as enjoyable as possible.

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