Practice Makes...well...Perfect!

Lawline Staff | December 7, 2010

The old adage, "practice makes perfect" never meant too much to me when I was a young girl growing up. However, now that I am older and wiser, that simple phrase is something I live by every day.

Growing up an athlete, my father always preached to me, the more time and effort you put into something, the more you are going to get out of it. Truer words have never been spoken. I spent my adolescent and teen years playing soccer and basketball. I had practice every day of the week and spent hours upon hours perfecting my soccer and basketball skills. The more I practiced and trained, the better I saw myself getting.

You are not going to get on a bike and just start have to fall and pick yourself up time and time again. I dealt with a lot of let downs in my career on and off the field. However, I knew that with all the hard work and dedication I put towards achieving my set goal, the more likelihood I was going to achieve it. The more time you spend on succeeding, the better chances you will have to succeed.

Like athletics, this holds true in the corporate world as well. Upon completion of college I started working for a sales company. The owners were extremely strict and taught me the ins and outs about sales. Once I left that company I was lucky enough to stumble upon Lawline. All the things I learned at the previous company, I was able to utilize at Lawline. Although, working at Lawline for the past six months has taught me so much more.

You can never have enough knowledge about a certain practice area. I was never the best player on the field, but I was always the hardest worker. This is a  skill you can not be taught, it has to come within. I am not the best sales-man, however, I know from experience the more I put into each call, the more I will get out of it.

I also know that the more calls I make, the more sales that I will get. I don't know if one can be perfect at something, but I do know that one can be good or great at something. That is a choice you have to make on your own. The difference between good and great is the dedication and motivation you have to go the extra mile and force yourself to go above and beyond to become great. It is hard to become perfect at anything. However, I do know that from years of being in sales and playing sports, the more you do something, and the amount of effort you put into it, the more success you will have.

(Jessica is a member of our sales department and constantly a leader in the department!)

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