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Lawline Staff | October 28, 2010

Lawline employees can often be seen coming to work and leaving with their gym bags, just like any other company.  We decided to ask around and see why people go to the gym.  Is it to look better?  Get stronger and faster?  What we found out was most people go for the simple fact that they want to be healthy.  The most popular answer, however, was that the gym was a great stress reliever and actually made people more energized at work

"My favorite thing in the world is ending a day at the office with a workout at New York Sports Club.  Not only do I get energized, but I can release all stress there.  Of course one downside is not being able to go to bed, so the entire company is getting bombarded with my emails until 4am :-)," said David Schnurman, President of Lawline.com.

As an employee benefit Lawline provides a corporate membership to New York Sports Club.  This allows Lawline employees to go to any NYSC gym with their membership.

Salesperson Melissa M. feels going to the gym a few days a week is vital to any person.

"I truly believe that there is not a problem that a little sweat can not solve. I am training to be a yoga teacher and practicing has changed my life. Through exercise, we can all relieve stress and keep our energy levels high to keep us going through our long work week!"

Melissa is also planning to implement a weekly yoga class for the Lawline staff!

Hillary F., also a Lawline Salesperson, agrees with Melissa and says, "Working out gives you energy, so that will only help you in your work life."

Hillary joined New York Sports Club very recently, so she is now a member of TWO gyms!  Go Hillary!

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