Push That Domino

Ambassador Ann | January 12, 2012

On Wednesday, I presented the video below about starting a movement.

It is easier for people to look from the sidelines and watch a lone person make a fool of him/herself or do an act that is not within the norm. However, it should be all about jumping in and getting rallied up. That is the environment here at Lawline.com. A lot of accomplished goals here started with one of us saying what could be viewed as a silly or impossible goal. When Dave, our Presidente, tilts his head to the side and starts saying "Hmmm, why don't we...." I know something great will result.

So whether it is to get people to dance at a party (or our Idea Room as Frank did one morning), begin a Cosplay Tuesday, or overthrow a dictator, take chances, jump head first and start something! That might sound cliche but it is a cliche for a reason. History has proved that. People are inspired and things get done. Enjoy the video!

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