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Lawline Staff | March 17, 2011

We spend a lot of time on our Culture Blog dissecting the do's and don't's we learn from business, books, and experiences. One thing we rarely cover that helps give a great perspective on life in general is Reality TV. With Jersey Shore's third season coming to a close and Real World Las Vegas getting a face lift, I figured I could review RWLV in an attempt to make sense of it all.

While watching the first two episodes of Real World Las Vegas last night I noticed a new style of production, as well as a new style is choosing cast members. Due to the standard that has been set by Jersey Shore, the people at MTV must have looked at this season as make or break: We either fall short of Jersey Shore again, or we go all out picking the most ridiculous group of 20 year olds. They chose the latter.

I am trying to figure out when Adam is going to get arrested or fight someone. He is the belligerent of the house, and destined to break up the relationship of Nany. You have no choice but to scream at the TV at her saying, "HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE SO DUMB AS TO FALL FOR ADAM'S ANTICS!" But, that is what makes MTV great.

I am not sure if Dustin should be ridiculed for holding back from fighting Michael, or if he would have been committing Reality TV Suicide by taking action. The rules of Real World are if you fight you are out. Maybe if realized, "I probably shouldn't risk getting kicked off the show for fighting a kid a third my size, and for a girl who I have known for 72 hours."

I am really excited to see Leroy get angry with Adam to the point where one of them will get kicked off. That's right. I am throwing a Real World prediction out there that one of them will eventually make their way off the show. I'm not going out on the limb by assuming Adam will get the boot, but Leroy is the kicker.

All in all, episodes 1 and 2 were a success. Only two more episodes left of Jersey Shore before they head to Italy! I can't believe I actually watch this stuff!!!

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