Roger Arnold's POV of Lawconomy

Ambassador Ann | October 19, 2012

On October 17th, we had our event of the year, Lawconomy! It was a great success but that's not just what we at Lawline thinks.
One of the presenters, Roger Arnold, emailed us the next day to give his personal opinion of the event.


Last night was fun.  Thank you for including me.  I was again very
impressed with your team and enjoyed meeting more of them.  The
camaraderie, energy, enthusiasm, attentiveness and attention to detail
was phenomenal.   Everyone takes their responsibilities seriously and
enjoyably as well.  They all exhibit a real passion for what they are
doing....Everyone smiled throughout, were friendly and
outgoing, unpretentious and worked together very well.  I have not
witnessed that kind of togetherness since I was in the Marine Corps
and our platoon would be preparing for a Commanding General
inspection.  Esprit de corps was a part of the philosophy there; and I
haven't witnessed since, until last night.  With a team like yours
you'll all be able to accomplish anything you set your minds to.  It
was a real pleasure to watch you all in action.


Thank you Roger! It was our pleasure to make your night and everyone one else's wonderful, whether they were there physically or online.


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