Sean Stephanson - A Man Full of Inspiration & Great Advice

David Schnurman | September 26, 2011

We recently saw Sean Stephenson speak and got so much out of it. He is only 3 feet tall but lives his life as if he is 100 feet tall. Below are our take aways from the event.

  • You get out of life what you put in.
    You and you alone are in the driver's seat. Sean did not accept doctors that told him he would not live. He did not accept that he had to live with broken bones, that his body would limit his life, or that he could not accomplish anything he dreamed.  We all have reasons and excuses to make (BUTs). There is no place for any of them in a purpose-driven life. If you want to succeed, have a clear vision and go after it.
  • Be in the Driver's Seat
    Second, the key to having the right attitude is ownership of your life. What I found extremely insightful is that he takes it upon himself to change the energy if his physical state makes anyone uncomfortable. If he leaves it up to the other person to make the call or take the action, it will never happen. He is always in control and in the driver's seat of his own life, and he takes full responsibility for how others feel around him.
  • Connection is an exchange of emotion.
    • You want to feel like people connected with you first as a person then you can do business.
    • It doesn't matter how smart, or skillful someone is, if there isn't an emotional connection there won't be a good relationship.
  • The dance club example - How you act gives out an energy and people can feel it. So you create the world around you and how people act around you. Example: If you're having fun and being positive, others around you will act the same.
  • Handshake example. The energy will bring to situation will shape the environment. That is common sense even though it is not common practice.
  • The example of a kid throwing the shoe. His dad killed his mom. We throw shoe by getting tantrums extra - You should be careful before you want to attack or put someone down before knowing their entire story. If you knew their story you might act differently towards them. The people that make you upset or annoy you the most are the ones you should try the hardest to have an emotional connection with -- that's how you grow. Build relationships. Don't throw the shoe. Do not be quick to judge.
  • ELEVATOR STICK EXAMPLE - Stress will kill you and usually, it's the little things in life that stress you out. You should try to look at the funny things when you're in a stressful situation.
  • Sean is responsible for how we feel in his presence. He chooses to create an environment to make it fun to be around you. This comes from the sharing of emotion.
    -->You create how people feel in your presence.  It is up to you to make them feel comfortable.  Everyone has their down days, weeks, months....but its up to you to change that.
  • The SIZE of our BUTS are enormous and they stink. But I am not pretty enough. But I don't have the time. We were built to get off our but to stand and change our perception.
    • You stick out of  the crowd and become a Target so that is why people are afraid to do it.
  • Why make your life excused killed? Seeing is not believing. Believing is seeing.  You have to shift your belief system. How do you feel about health, wealth, and relationships.
  • You need to connect with people you can't stand and who challenge you most because that is how you grow.
  • How much time do you work on connecting with yourself. It comes down to your internal dialogue. The voice is always talking to you.
  • What is awesome about time is it is the only equal commodity.
  • How am I speaking to myself? Like a best friend or worst enemy. This is the voice you could be working on and improving.  It is the little thing that tears us down not the big things that we come together on.
  • Focus on what you do have,  do love, and do want.  Note the dont's.

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