September Spotlight: Dave - ACTIVELY LEARNING

Lawline Staff | September 14, 2011

C'mon. Though his modesty may always seek to have someone else under the spotlight - we have to give props where props are due. The President of Lawline, David Schnurman…Who actively learns more than he does?

When he has downtime or is commuting, you won’t find Dave snoozing on a stranger on the train. Dave would rather pick up a book (or Kindle) and learn when others would rather rest. Not only that, he shares every book he reads with everyone at Lawline. Because of this, the morning huddles are inspirational as Dave gives inspiring presentations on what he learns. For example, just recently he gave everyone a book called “The Success Principles” so they could further better themselves.  The purpose of this book is to increase personal confidence, handle daily challenges and provide the necessary tools to accomplish goals. What a great guy to share this!

Knowledge is power and Dave wants everyone to have that. He believes it so passionately that he passes this on to his company and has instilled it in the culture as well. Employees have access to Kindles, books, documentaries, and a full database of CLE topics for free because of him. He always asks questions and seeks to learn across all departments and encourages others to learn other departments.  Whether it is marketing, sales, customer service or accreditation, he knows it. If he doesn’t, he will ask and learn. Dave avoids using any quantitative statements such as “I’ll try” and says “I will” and follows through.

Lawline grows as David’s learning grows – a great motivator because his learning never stops. That is why Lawline is the great company is it today and will continue its upward path.

Dave also actively teaches us all. Here are some examples from right here on the culture blog:

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