Team Meetings, Everyday!

Lawline Staff | September 10, 2010

What is one way Lawline can ensure every employee is on the same page everyday?  How can we make sure our goals and our mission are part of our everyday lives at Lawline?

To create a culture of learning and always finding a better way our departments meet every morning for daily huddles.  These aren't boring two hour meetings where the team leaders will preach from Sales or Marketing 101.  Our meetings are lead by a different team member every single day.

We want our employees to own their positions.  If one sales strategy is working for one member, or if a customer service person reads a book with a great way to make customers feel special, we will have them share it with their department.

The 1% challenge, Lawline's incentive program to promote self improvement, has added significantly to our learning culture.  Employees can choose from our library of books in our library and Kindle collection, then lead a meeting based on what they got put of that book.  When an employee teaches 3 lessons, they are rewarded with a $25 gift certificate to a store of their choice.

Finding a better way is our mission, and by learning and sharing there is no better way for improvement!!

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