The 48 Laws of Power - Book Review

September 7, 2010

This is a book is a fun read.  There are a lot of laws here that you can apply to your business and personal life. In addition, this is the one book Frank does not want you to read as it tells you too much.  Some laws from the book are below:

  • Never Outshine The Master
  • Always Say Less The Necessary
  • So Much Depends on Reputation - Guard it With Your Life
  • Get Others to Do Work for You But Always Take Credit
  • Learn to Keep People Dependent on You
  • Crush Your Enemy Totally
  • Re-Create Yourself
  • Enter Action with Boldness
  • Play to People's Fantasies
  • Make Your Accomplishments Seem Effortless
  • Never Appear to Perfect


Author Bio

Written by David Schnurman

David Schnurman is the CEO of Lawline, the leading provider of online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the country. The company recently celebrated over 130,000 attorneys on its website with over 2,000,000 courses completed.


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