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Lawline Staff | February 8, 2012

Every new employee is given "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield. This book talks about the mental part of life and how the decisions we make are ultimately up to us. No one else can decide what we do, how we feel, or how we do things. Here is Andrew's feedback on the book.

There are many times that we are faced with conflicts that occur in our private and work lives. Many people, including myself, have made the wrong decision about who we discuss the conflict with. Quite often, we complain to people who can not help us with the complaint. For example, people go to work and complain about their girlfriend to their co-workers.

When they come home from work they complain about their troubles at work to their girl friend. There is a simple reason why many of us approach conflicts in this manner. The reason is because it is easier and less risky. It takes courage and fortitude to talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend and tell them that you are not happy with the way things are working out. There's an even larger risk when you’re asking for a behavioral change. For example, it takes valor and courage to be assertive to your boss and ask for better hours.

At the end of the day, your boss and you are the only people who can affect the outcome. Your girlfriend can be a great listener but she has no power to affect the situation.

Successful people learn to replace complaining with requests and take action to propel themselves closer to their goal. Successful people when they find themselves in situations that they do not like they either work to make it more to their liking or they leave. It is all about have the right attitude for the situation.

Taking this concept one notion further, author Jack Canfield of the book “The Success Principles” tells a quick story about Ty Cobb. Reporters asked Cobb when he was 70 “What do you think you’d hit if you were playing these days?” He replied, “ About .290 maybe .300” The reporter replied,” that’s because of the travel, the night games, the artificial turf, and all the new pitches like the slider, right?” Cobb replied “No, its because I am 70,” Now that is a fine example of self-belief.

This book is a great collection of many short stories that affirm success through a plan. I could have discussed many stories and many tenets but I felt the two that I discussed previously are the most relevant to my life. Although they may seem basic on the surface, proper attitude and self-belief are two principles that I am striving to infuse into my life to help me achieve my own success story.

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