Trip Down Memory Lane: Part Trois

Ambassador Ann | February 6, 2013

Avid Culture Blog Readers,

Here's our third recap of several awesome morning presentations done since August 2012.

The morning huddles are more than just meetings; it is our morning coffee before our real morning coffee. There are where our minds wake up and get set for the day. We get to experience more than one of our core values every single morning and that in itself is truly a wonderful privilege.

  1. Book Lovers Day: What's Your Favorite Book?
  2. All You Need Is Heart
  3. Schooling A Mascot For Your Yacht?
  4. Trivia
  5. Do The Impossible
  6. Shana Tova - It's High Holiday Time
  7. Visual Understanding of the Credit Crisis
  8. Are You A Good Eyewitness?
  9. Needle In A Haystack
  10. Money Doesn't Work The Way You Think
  11. Never Stop At The Top
  12. One Hit Wonder Tuesday
  13. Our Favorite Halloween Memory
  14. Lawline's 5-Year Time Capsule!
  15. How Much Is Too Much Technology?

Enjoy reminiscing. :)

For the previous recaps: Part One & Part Two.


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