What we Learned at the Tribal Leadership Event

David Schnurman | October 11, 2011

We recently went to an event hosted by NY Enterprise Report where John King, the author of Tribal Leadership spoke about the importance of forming triads and eventually tribes in your organization.  Below is our main take away from the event.

The strongest point of his argument was how powerful a group of 3 is, and how important it is to focus on the trio when building relationships and working towards a goal. We really liked the two applications of this point both in business and in every day life.

In a work environment, getting a third person involved or an outside opinion can raise ideas that two might never have thought of in the first place.  Adding another mind has such an incredible benefit. While most people know this, meetings are generally conducted in twos. If you focus on building tight groups of 3, and then working on putting the groups of 3 to work completing tasks, they will work more efficiently and be drastically more successful.

Outside of work, the emphasis is to be the connector between worlds. If you introduce people you build your status with each of them and you support their relationship. This is something that can lead to many more relationships in general. The key here is to introduce people as often as possible, because you never know when something might come of the relationship and everyone benefits from the connection.

The talk was a ton of fun and hearing everyone's different thoughts is a great way to preserve and enhance the ideas that were raised. One of the coolest parts of the talks is when he said these are just tools, take them and make them work for you.

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