Who Done It!?

Ambassador Ann | January 16, 2012

Michele: "Last Thursday morning, we learned whether or not Lawline team members can share interesting/silly facts about themselves at a moment's notice) (definitely), and how well we all know each other (not so much). We each took two minutes to write our silly tidbit on an index card and then mixed up the cards and our fellow team members read the cards and attempted to guess to whom they belonged.

Trisha was able to figure out that it was Ann who liked to take late night walks across the Brooklyn Bridge, and Michael K knew right away that the only person who could have had a pet log growing up at to be Micah. Somehow every time the most unusual stories came up, we all automatically said it was Rob but no one guess his actually fact that he rode a roller coaster before he was even born. We also learned that Gamal is very well traveled, that Jeff F's dad switched him to left handed from right handed on a bet, and that Jeff R stands on his head every morning.

Most importantly, we all had fun- which was a great way to start a very rainy, windy morning."

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