Why Our Education System Should Model How You Are Taught in Preschool

David Schnurman | September 13, 2011

Last night I went to a parent/teacher conference for my childrens' first preschool class that starts this week.  Something that one of the teachers said really struck me as a crucial aspect of learning. She said "Preschool teaches your kids how to be learners and most importantly cope with discomfort. If you already know how do to something, learning would not be fun."  As we move up in grades this concept is slowly forgotten and children are taught to focus on getting the right answers and not make mistakes.   One thing I believe it is more important to ask the right question than give the right answer that was memorized.  Learning is about the raw concept of discovery and exploration and that is what makes us human. If we can re-import this concept to all levels of our school system from k-12 to college level we will create a much brighter future for us all.  My hope is Lawline.com and our future partnerships can have some part in making that happen.

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