One Year and Counting

Joy Payne | June 4, 2019

Work anniversaries should always be celebrated and be a time of self-reflection of your professional growth. Joyce'Alyn Payne, a Lawline team member, just celebrated her 1-year work anniversary! Get a glimpse of her experience here at Lawline. 




On May 29th, 2018, I walked into a downtown Manhattan skyscraper, took the elevator to the 11th floor and began my first day as a video producer for Lawline. Today, a year later, I am sitting comfortably in my bed while working from home and celebrating my one-year workiversary.

Within the last 365 days, I have enjoyed more than cozy cups of tea on the couch and not having to change out of my pajamas on Work from Home Wednesdays. Below I’ve outlined two impactful experiences I’ve had during this last year.

#1: Genuine People Exist

Though young, I have been fortunate enough to have several years of corporate experience under my belt. At various points in my career, I had been told that genuine people DO NOT exist in the corporate realm and I should be on the lookout for ulterior motives. After a few of my own encounters, I started to feel as if those comments were true. Once being fully on-boarded at Lawline, I was no longer in a jaded funk.

For one, I recognize I still have a lot more to experience before making such a statement. Secondly, I have met wonderful people at Lawline who have not only coached me but who have advocated for my professional growth within the company. Being around individuals who genuinely empower one another on a daily basis is exciting and comforting.


#2: Passion and Practicality

During my second interview, I met with David Schnurman, the current CEO. A super enthusiastic, high-energy guy, who kept raving about how important it is to have a meaningful impact on the world we live in. Once accepting the job offer, I realized David's his name and impact is his game. I soon realized David was in the midst of writing a book, in which he provides tools to overcome barriers that people may encounter in business or personal life. Even while writing the book, he experienced a few bouts of writer’s block but was able to use his own principle to push through to the finish line. David's book, The Fast Forward Mindset, has now sold over 200 copies and counting.

Being a small company has allowed David to share his strategies with me during 1:1 coaching sessions in efforts to further my creative growth. I have been able to watch firsthand how David's fast forward mindset has impacted his vigor in regard to publishing a book, running a multi-million company, and juggling a family.


On the surface, these may seem like two basic points anyone can gain from reading the company website. For me, these tokens have impacted me professionally and personally in more ways than one.  

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